(W h e r e  Y o u r   Wo r l d   M e e t s   O u r   S p a c e)

is a one-stop centre for community activities. We provide programmes for all ages, kids, youth and adults. 





is to starting things while you are young. XSpace provides a place where the interests and talents of those from all walks of life can be identified and nurtured. XSpace allows everyone to find out things that they like and what they could develop further through a variety of activities. An environment to access, gather and participate in positive and cool activities that can be related to life, fun and interests. Through XSpace, it is a great way to get to know other community members through learning, sharing, caring and engaging in creative communication whilst exercising confidence.




What you will encounter XSpace reaches out to the community to sustain healthy minds, bodies and souls. It houses 10 academic learning spaces that can accommodate between 12-24 students each, a dance/drama studio, an art room, a cafeteria, the school office, resource room, the facilities office and a multipurpose hall that can seat up to 200 people.



XSpace provides Academic classes for English, after school programmes and Kindergarten, Creative classes for culinary, barista training, batik and photography workshops as well as Movement classes for yoga, dance, ballet and Capoeira/Taekwondo. MADD (Music, Arts, Dance and Drama) is a performing arts programme promoting holistic development of children through cultural engagement. This programme focuses on constructive learning that enhances discipline, confidence, health, creative thinking and brain stimulation. Cultural engagement ultimately results in better understanding and integration which enables access to a better future.



W H Y  U S ?

Students at XSpace is aimed at kids, youth and adults who want to explore and discover their true talents and skills in different things. The benefit is to help them to see value in something that maybe they hadn’t seen before.

Kids at XSpace can participate in Kindergarten activities (guided by the Montessori methodology), English classes as well as the after school programmes (ESL, Creative and Movement classes) which are focussed on Mondays to Fridays, 3:30pm to 6:30pm and Saturdays (some special workshops will be offered on Sunday afternoons from time to time). These classes offer an interactive and inspired approach to education and life-long learning.

The youth and adults can participate in the English, Creative and Movement classes. English classes vary between Functional English, Business English and Communication skills and the courses provided are beginners, intermediate and advance classes. Here, these courses provide problem-solving approaches, understanding of the communication process and are filled with exercises, role-plays, games, workshops and discussions.

The Creative and Movement classes are the centre point for cultural exchange where students develop through play, music, dance, rhythm, movement, expression, verbal and non-verbal communication. Students build confidence and social skills as well as initiate personal expressions. The classes are serious fun, while simultaneously communicating between the mind and body, tailored safely to develop balance, strength and flexibility.